P is for Privacy Policy.

Our privacy policy is very simple: we do not collect any personally identifiable information.

We may collect some simple usage information: which letters have been typed, which animals have been seen, which sounds have been played. This data helps us understand what parts of the app are popular, so we can make it an even better app for you and your little one.

We may also collect device and software information, specifically which model of iOS device you use, and which iOS version it is running. We do not collect the UUID or any information that can link directly to an individual. We collect this information in order to determine which devices and iOS versions to continue to support, as well as to assist us if we find bugs and need to reproduce a crash.

We don't collect any information worth selling, and if we did, we wouldn't sell it. We might share aggregate data on our blog (which doesn't even exist yet, as of 2/2013), simply for the sake of interest and posterity.

Thanks for using Typey Typey. We value your privacy, and we will not sacrifice it.